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Thermal Straightening

What is Thermal Hair Straightening?

Thermal Hair Straightening is a chemical service that incorporates Japanese technology to make even the curliest hair permanently pin straight and mirror shiny. For those of you who are tired of the lengthy morning ritual of straightening your hair, this service is for you! The service is ideal for anyone with hair that is naturally curly, kinky, frizzy, highly textured, colored, permed.

What makes the Pravana Thermal Straightening Service different?

Our continued commitment to excellence and the highest quality of services has made Mirror Image Unisex Salon the expert in Thermal Hair Straightening. Mirror Image professionals have each completed an extensive professional hands-on training to achieve amazing, professional results from Thermal Hair Straightening

How long does the service take?

The Thermal Hair Straightening process generally takes about 6 hours but can take longer, depending on hair type, length, and thickness, so the price will vary from client to client. When scheduling your appointment, choose a day when you have no other commitments. The Thermal Hair Straightening service should take about 6 hours, but could take more than 8 hours. A rushed service will produce less-than-desired results.

How much does Thermal Straightening cost?

Before scheduling a Thermal Hair Straightening service, you must first schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation with a Mirror Image Unisex Salon Thermal Straightening Specialist. During your consultation, the specialist will discuss the process of the service, the expected results for your hair type, length, and thickness, the estimated time to complete the service, and an estimate on the cost of the service. Based on a 6-hour service, prices start at $250 Depending on hair type, length, and thickness, the service can take longer so the price will vary from client to client.

Do I pay for the service all at once?

You are required to pay for one half of the total quoted price of the service at the time of the consultation when booking the appointment. A credit card number will be taken for the balance of the service in the event that you cancel the service less than 72 hours prior to the appointment. Cancellations made more than 72 hours prior to the appointment will be fully refunded.

What if my hair is colored?

If you color your hair, the color service must be done at least 1 full week prior to the straightening service and the hair may not be colored until at least 3 weeks after the service.

Will I be able to curl my hair after thermal straightening?

The Thermal Hair Straightening process will create straight hair that will likely not respond to setting, a curling iron, a round brush, or the like. Please be certain that straight hair is what you want.

Do I need to get a haircut after my service?

If your hair is layered, the layering will look much more pronounced and somewhat jagged when the hair is straightened. We recommend a haircut after the service to reshape your straightened look.

Will I need to redo the service after my hair starts to grow out?

The average retouch for this service is 4 to 6 months after the original service. A minimum of two inches of regrowth is necessary for a proper, effective retouch. Because the timing of buffering, application, and processing of the service is no different during the retouch application than the initial service, pricing is consistent for all Thermal Hair Straightening services.

Do not shampoo your hair on the day of your Thermal Hair Straightening service.

During the service, a number of solutions will be applied to your hair, processed, sometimes under the dryer, and then rinsed out.

Next, your hair will be 80% dried and will look frizzy. Your hair will then be extensively flat ironed straight. Tension must be used, so you will feel some pulling during this part of the service.

Results depend on the texture and previous chemical services on the hair. In some cases it will be necessary to do a small amount of daily styling to achieve the desired results.

If you desire some flexibility in your hair after the process, so that the hair will still respond to a round brush or rollers, the service will need to be "underprocessed." In this case it will be absolutely necessary to spend time styling your hair after each shampoo. Hair may revert back to curl in certain areas.

Best Results Tips

Your hair CANNOT get wet for 48 hours after the service. This means no shampooing, rinsing, styling, etc. Don't even get caught in the rain! No ponytails, no hairpins, and no tucking the hair behind the ears.

A follow-up conditioning treatment is included in the service and should be scheduled within 2 weeks after the service.

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